50 Bilbo Baggins Quotes (Imaginary)

    The Reluctant Hero

  1. I’m not the sort of hobbit who pokes his nose into adventures; they’re nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Yet, here I am.

  3. You might say I was pushed out of the door, and here I stand, far from home.

  5. Adventures? I suppose they begin with running, and not much thought about where the running will lead.

  7. I’ve always thought there’s nothing like sitting by your own fireside, but I’ve found a piece of myself out there, beyond the borders of the Shire.

  9. It turns out, even the smallest hobbit can find courage when it’s needed most.

    Bilbo’s Cunning and Resourcefulness

  11. Thinking on your feet is just as important as being on them, especially when there are dragons involved.

  13. A little bit of cleverness and a lot of luck can turn even a sticky situation into an advantageous one.

  15. Never underestimate the power of a good distraction, particularly when trolls are involved.

  17. One must use the wits they’re given, for swords aren’t the only things that save lives.

  19. If you’re going to be a burglar, it’s best to be an invisible one. That’s something even the smartest goblins can’t fight.

    The Influence of the Ring

  21. The Ring, it came to me, quite unexpectedly. It’s a curious thing, not just heavy to carry but heavy in the heart.

  23. This Ring, it gnaws at the edges of my mind, a whispering shadow, even in the brightest of days.

  25. I found the Ring in the dark, but I fear it also found something dark in me.

  27. The longer I hold it, the heavier it grows; not just in my pocket, but on my very soul.

  29. It’s a dangerous business, this Ring. It begins with wanting to be unseen, but soon you fear you’ll never be seen again.

    Bilbo as a Burglar

  31. I’m more of a gentlehobbit of the Shire than a burglar, but sometimes, you have to play the role you’re given.

  33. A burglar? I hardly think so, though I seem to have a knack for sneaking, especially when it means getting out of trouble.

  35. They called me a burglar, but really, I was just a hobbit far from home, doing his best.

  37. The most unexpected part of this adventure? Me, being a burglar. And an invisible one at that!

  39. If being a burglar means outwitting dragons and rescuing friends, then perhaps it’s not such a bad thing to be.

    Friendships Across Cultures

  41. From hobbits to dwarves, from wizards to elves, my journey has been as much about making friends as crossing mountains.

  43. Thorin, he was more than a king; he was a friend, though it took us both some time to see it.

  45. The elves can be a bit lofty, but their hearts are good; they’ve shown me kindness more than once.

  47. It’s strange to think how little I knew of the world beyond my garden, and now I count friends in every corner of it.

  49. To sit at a table with so many different folk—it’s a finer adventure than any I had imagined.

    Bilbo’s Love of Home

  51. The Shire is not just a place on a map; it is where my heart takes root, no matter how far I wander.

  53. Every step away from the Shire is a step closer to returning, with tales that would fill a book.

  55. Home is the quietest of joys, an adventure of a gentler but no less profound kind.

  57. There’s no comfort like the familiar sight of the Party Tree, and no bed as soft as your own.

  59. I went out to see the mountains, and they were grand; but none of them are as enduring as the hills of home.

    Poetry and Song

  61. A good poem helps lift the heart, or fill the silence left by the passing of great deeds.

  63. Songs are like paths. They take you back to times and places you might have forgotten.

  65. I’ve scribbled a verse or two, inspired by the things I’ve seen; for what’s an adventure if you can’t sing about it?

  67. Elven songs carry on the breeze like leaves; they remind you there’s beauty still in the world.

  69. A rhyme here and there keeps the spirits up, especially when the road is long and the shadows grow.

    The Ethics of Theft and Ownership

  71. Taking the Arkenstone wasn’t my proudest moment, but perhaps it was needed, like a little push to mend stubborn minds.

  73. Gollum’s riddle-game was a dangerous kind of theft, one that could have cost more than I was willing to pay.

  75. Ownership is a tricky thing, especially when what you own begins to own you.

  77. I’ve borrowed a thing or two in my time, always with a mind to set things right eventually.

  79. Sometimes, what you take can weigh on you more heavily than what you give.

    Legacy and Influence on Frodo

  81. I hope my tales light a spark in young Frodo, as they once did in me.

  83. Every hobbit should have a bit of adventure, enough to make them love coming home.

  85. I’ve left a few maps and my old sword for Frodo; a little nudge toward his own journey, perhaps.

  87. May my stories be a light for him when all other lights go out.

  89. If I’ve shown Frodo that even a Baggins can have adventures, then I’ve done well by him.

    Aging and Wisdom

  91. With age, comes not just wrinkles but wisdom, though sometimes it’s buried deep under the curls.

  93. I’ve grown old but not so old that I can’t enjoy a good tale or a fine meal. There’s wisdom in that, I think.

  95. The years teach much which the days never knew.

  97. Being considered wise is quite a responsibility, and one I never asked for, much like my adventures.

  99. As I look back, each wrinkle, each gray hair has its own story, and I wouldn’t part with a single one.

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