50 Greg Hirsch Quotes (Imaginary)

Navigating Corporate Hierarchies It’s like, one day you’re just the guy who’s too tall for the cubicle, and the next, you’re being asked for your two cents in a strategy meeting. Climb the ladder? More like accidentally stumbling upwards.   In this company, sometimes your best allies are the ones you least expect – like, […]

50 Kendall Roy Quotes (Imaginary)

The Burden of Expectations Being born a Roy doesn’t just come with a silver spoon; it comes with a golden target on your back.   Everyone thinks being the heir apparent means you’re set for life, but they don’t see the chains that come with the crown.   In this family, expectations hang over you […]

50 Logan Roy Quotes (Imaginary)

Legacy Building in Business Building a legacy isn’t about planting trees you’ll never see grow; it’s about ensuring the forest dominates the landscape long after you’re gone.   A true legacy is not just building something that lasts—it’s building something that commands respect and fear in equal measure.   Vision, control, adaptation—these aren’t just principles; […]