50 Geralt of Rivia Quotes (Imaginary)

The Origins of Geralt of Rivia: From Child to Witcher From a humble beginning to enduring the brutal Trial of Grasses, my journey as a Witcher began in pain and perseverance.   The trials that transformed me from Geralt the boy to Geralt of Rivia, the White Wolf.   Surviving the Trial of Grasses was […]

50 Yennefer of Vengerberg Quotes (Imaginary)

The Transformation of Yennefer: From Hunchback to Powerful Sorceress From the depths of despair to the pinnacle of power, my transformation is a testament to resilience.   The journey from hunchbacked outcast to formidable sorceress was fraught with pain and sacrifice.   My metamorphosis was not just physical but a rebirth of purpose and ambition. […]

50 Ciri of Cintra Quotes (Imaginary)

The Destiny of Ciri: Unraveling the Prophecy and Her True Potential The prophecies surrounding me are a beacon and a burden, guiding my every step.   Unraveling my destiny means understanding the ancient prophecies that foretell my future.   Every ability I possess is a piece of the puzzle that shapes my unique path.   […]