50 Bronn Quotes (Imaginary)

    From Sellsword to Lordship

  1. Never thought I’d trade a sword for a seal, but here I am, from swinging steel to ruling over high halls. Turns out, the pen can be mightier.

  3. Being a lord? It’s just like being a sellsword, only the daggers are hidden behind backs, not swung at your face.

  5. I climbed from the mud to the marble. No secret magic, just keeping my eyes more on opportunities than on morals.

  7. They say every lord’s a former rogue who hit the jackpot. Well, I just played the game better than most.

  9. A crown doesn’t make you a king nor a castle a lord, but they sure help people remember your name.

    The Art of Negotiation

  11. Negotiation’s like a duel, only you parry with words instead of swords, and sometimes, a well-placed whisper is deadlier than a dagger.

  13. In Westeros, your word’s your worth. Twist your tongue right, and you can twist arms without lifting a finger.

  15. I talk gold and I talk smart—because if there’s anything more persuasive than a sharp blade, it’s a fat purse.

  17. You don’t always need the upper hand, just the right words at the right time. That’s how you turn whispers into shouts.

  19. Some men bargain with threats, I prefer promises. It’s not just about making deals, it’s about making them stick.

    Mercenary Ethics

  21. My code? Gold buys my blade and my loyalty, but only till someone else offers more.

  23. In our line of work, you learn to sleep with one eye open and one hand on your sword. Trust is expensive.

  25. Loyalty’s bought, not bred—stick to that, and you might just live long enough to spend your earnings.

  27. A sellsword’s honor is like a knight’s, just more flexible and far more affordable.

  29. Survival isn’t about right or wrong; it’s about the gold. Morals don’t fill your belly.

    Friendship with Tyrion Lannister

  31. Tyrion’s the closest thing to a friend I have in this snake pit. He pays well, but he’s also good for a laugh, which is rarer than you’d think.

  33. With Tyrion, it’s simple: he knows I’m not here for love, I know he’s not here for loyalty. We understand each other.

  35. He’s the brains, I’m the brawn; works well when you’re in a pinch and need to escape more than just a bad conversation.

  37. In a world where a Lannister’s word is as good as gold, Tyrion’s the only one who’s paid up on time.

  39. Never thought I’d find a Lannister worth more than their weight in gold, but Tyrion’s proven me wrong. He’s worth at least twice that.

    Combat Skills and Tactics

  41. Fight smart, not hard. Why clash swords more than you need to? Wear your opponents down with their own mistakes.

  43. A good fight’s like a dance, only the music’s the clash of steel and the floor’s likely to be stained with more than wine.

  45. Never fight fair. There’s no honor in losing. The only rule in combat is to end up standing, by whatever means necessary.

  47. In battle, a quick wit can save your neck faster than a quick sword. Know when to strike, and when to just stand back and let others take the fall.

  49. Every enemy’s got a weakness—my job’s finding it before they find mine. It’s not just fighting; it’s thinking on your feet.

    Life Lessons from the Battlefield

  51. The first lesson of the battlefield is that no plan survives the first clash. Adapt or die.

  53. Never stand where the blow is meant to land. The art of fighting is as much about dodging as it is about striking.

  55. Keep your friends close and your enemies in arrow range. Preferably downwind, too.

  57. A good fighter knows when to strike; a great one knows when to walk away and live to fight another day.

  59. On the battlefield, a sharp eye and a quick step are worth more than a dozen swords.

    Surviving King’s Landing

  61. In King’s Landing, your best weapon isn’t a sword; it’s your wits. Lose those, and you might as well throw yourself from the Red Keep.

  63. Trust is as rare and precious here as a humble king. If you find it, question it.

  65. Keep your friends rich and your enemies guessing. That’s how you play the game of thrones without losing your head.

  67. In the capital, always know which way the wind blows; it tells you where the stink of betrayal is coming from.

  69. Remember, everyone in King’s Landing has a secret. Find it, and you’ve got a leash.

    The Sellsword’s Guide to Wealth

  71. Gold does the talking, and swords make the introductions. Between the two, there’s not much you can’t secure for yourself.

  73. A smart sellsword knows the difference between being rich and looking rich. The first can save your life; the second can cost it.

  75. Accumulating wealth isn’t just about earning it; it’s about surviving long enough to enjoy it.

  77. Invest in steel, invest in gold, but most importantly, invest in those who can wield the one and count the other.

  79. Riches come and go; the trick is making them come to you faster than they go.

    Relationships and Alliances

  81. Alliances are like ropes on a ship; tie them well, and they’ll hold in stormy weather, but one frayed end can mean disaster.

  83. Keep your allies as you keep your blade—close, ready, and always within reach.

  85. In the game of alliances, remember: everyone wants something. Figure out what, and you’ve got the upper hand.

  87. Trust is good; mutual profit is better. Bind your alliances with gold, not good faith.

  89. Never let friendship get in the way of survival. In Westeros, even brothers turn, if the price is right.

    Bronn’s Philosophy of Life

  91. Life’s a nasty business; I just make sure I’m nastier than the rest.

  93. Everyone dies. The smart ones just make sure they’ve had a good run before the end comes.

  95. Power, like a good horse, needs to be taken care of, controlled, and ridden hard when necessary.

  97. Loyalty is a luxury. In my world, it’s also a liability unless it’s well rewarded.

  99. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and always, always have an exit plan.

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