50 Cersei Lannister Quotes (Imaginary)

    The Queen’s Ambition: Cersei’s Climb to Powe

  1. I was born a lioness; power is my birthright and I will claim it, no matter the cost.

  3. In the game of thrones, you either win or you die. And I intend to win, whatever the sacrifices may be.

  5. My ascent to power was not given, it was taken—through wit, will, and the unwillingness to yield.

  7. They say it’s lonely at the top, but the view is what matters, and from here, I see everything.

  9. I don’t wait for power to come to me; I step forward and seize it, with both hands, if necessary.

    Cersei and the Game of Thrones: Master or Pawn?

  11. Call me a pawn if you like, but remember, even a pawn can queen herself if she plays her moves right.

  13. In the great game, you learn quickly—master or be mastered. I chose the former.

  15. Some believe they use me, but I allow it, for my ends justify their means.

  17. Every player in this game is both master and pawn; the art lies in knowing when to play which role.

  19. I navigate the currents of power, sometimes steering, sometimes being steered, but always forward.

    Mother of Madness: Cersei’s Relationship with Her Children

  21. My children are my strength and my Achilles’ heel, for what is a lioness without her cubs?

  23. Everything I do, every decision I make, is to secure a legacy, a throne for my children.

  25. They call it madness, my love for my children, but what mother wouldn’t burn the world to ash for her cubs?

  27. My love is iron and fire; it protects, it consumes, it destroys.

  29. If loving my children fiercely, viciously, is madness, then yes, I am mad.

    Prophecy and Paranoia: Cersei’s Obsession with the Maggy the Frog Prophecy

  31. The prophecy haunts me like a ghost; it’s a shadow under which I both reign and cower.

  33. Every whisper of fate tightens the noose of fear, but I will not be choked by the words of a crone.

  35. Prophecy is both a guide and a tormentor, a map drawn in the sand at high tide.

  37. I wear the prophecy like a crown—thorny, heavy, inevitable.

  39. They say knowledge is power, but when it comes to prophecy, it ‘s a power laced with poison, one I drink every day.

    Cersei’s Machiavellian Leadership Style

  41. I rule not by the light of the seven, but by the shadows they cast; in those shadows, I find my strength.

  43. Deceit and manipulation are tools; wield them well, and the realm will lie down at your feet.

  45. In the game of thrones, ruthlessness is a virtue and mercy a vice. I choose strength over weakness every time.

  47. To govern is to wear masks; many see the queen, few see the arsenal behind the crown.

  49. They whisper ‘tyrant’, I hear ‘survivor’. I will do whatever it takes to secure my rule, and my legacy.

    Cersei and Tyrion: A Study in Sibling Rivalry

  51. Tyrion may be clever, but in our game of familial chess, I am always one move ahead.

  53. My brother and I play a dangerous game; he seeks to undermine, while I seek to reign.

  55. Every family has its black sheep; in ours, it’s the dwarf who casts the longest shadow.

  57. Tyrion thinks he plays the game well, but I am the true lioness of our house.

  59. Our sibling rivalry will be the stuff of legend, but only one lion can rule the pride.

    Cersei’s Public Image vs. Private Realities

  61. To the realm, I am the iron queen, unbreakable; in solitude, the iron melts into tears of gold.

  63. They see the crown, the power, the resolve; they do not see the woman beneath, nor her battles.

  65. I wear my public mask as another layer of armor—it protects not only me but the legacy of my house.

  67. Let them believe I am as cold and hard as the Iron Throne; it is safer than revealing the woman who bleeds.

  69. In public, I stand as Cersei the Great, but behind closed doors, I wage wars they can scarcely imagine.

    Alliances and Betrayals: Cersei’s Political Maneuvers

  71. Alliances are as fragile as glass, beautiful until they shatter under the weight of my ambitions.

  73. I weave alliances with words and break them with whispers; such is the dance of power.

  75. In my reign, betrayal is an expected treachery; I trust no one, and thus, I am seldom disappointed.

  77. Each alliance is a rung on the ladder of my ascent; each betrayal, a lesson learned in trust.

  79. To rule is to know when to smile with allies and when to sharpen knives for traitors.

    The Role of Gender in Cersei’s Rise and Fall

  81. In a realm ruled by men, my greatest rebellion has been to succeed—not as a queen, but as a ruler.

  83. They judge me not only as a monarch but as a woman—both roles I have mastered with a lioness’s ferocity.

  85. Let them underestimate me as a woman; it only makes my victories sweeter and their defeats more bitter.

  87. I wear my gender like armor; it has the softness of silk and the hardness of steel.

  89. In a game dominated by men, every move I make as a woman is doubly dangerous, doubly daring.

    Cersei’s Legacy: The Lioness’s Last Roar

  91. Let them write what they will; my legacy will echo through the ages, a tale of power, fury, and a crown fiercely worn.

  93. I am Cersei of House Lannister; mine is a legacy of fire and blood, written in the annals of those who dared to cross me.

  95. When they speak of the great rulers of Westeros, let them whisper my name with awe and fear.

  97. The history of the Seven Kingdoms is mine to script, and I shall ink it with the gold and crimson of Lannister.

  99. My legacy will be as indelible as the Iron Throne itself—unyielding, unforgettable, unmatched.

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