50 Geillis Duncan Quotes (Imaginary)

    The Pursuit of Power

  1. Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, and I will stop at nothing to secure my place at the helm of the Jacobite movement.

  3. The pursuit of power is not for the faint of heart—it requires cunning, ruthlessness, and an unyielding will.

  5. Influence is a currency more valuable than gold, and I have spent my life accumulating it, one calculated move at a time.

  7. To lead is to wield power with precision, bending others to my will and shaping the future of Scotland.

  9. Every action I take is a step towards consolidating my power, ensuring that my vision for an independent Scotland becomes a reality.

    Mastery of Herbal Medicine

  11. Herbs and potions are my tools of power, each one a key to unlocking the secrets of the body and mind.

  13. With the right blend of herbs, I can heal or harm, manipulate or mend—it’s all a matter of intent and knowledge.

  15. The mastery of herbal medicine is both an art and a science, one that I have dedicated my life to perfecting.

  17. Every plant holds a secret, every root a remedy, and I have learned to harness their power to achieve my ends.

  19. Herbal medicine is my weapon, my shield, and my means of control, allowing me to bend nature to my will.

    Living as a Time Traveler

  21. Living in the 18th century as a woman from the 20th is a constant dance of adaptation, secrecy, and survival.

  23. Time travel has granted me knowledge and power beyond the comprehension of those around me, a gift and a burden.

  25. The challenges of navigating a bygone era are many, but my foresight and modern sensibilities give me an edge.

  27. Adapting to the customs and dangers of the past requires wit and cunning, qualities I have in abundance.

  29. Each day as a time traveler is a testament to my resilience and ingenuity, using my knowledge of the future to shape the present.

    The Art of Seduction and Manipulation

  31. Seduction is an art, and I am its master, using charm and allure to bend others to my will.

  33. Manipulation requires a keen understanding of human nature, exploiting desires and fears to achieve my goals.

  35. Every smile, every touch is calculated, each one a step in a carefully crafted plan of control.

  37. Charm is a powerful weapon, one that I wield with precision to open doors and secure alliances.

  39. The true art of manipulation lies in making others believe they are acting of their own free will, while they dance to my tune.

    Dedication to the Jacobite Cause

  41. My commitment to the Jacobite cause is unwavering, a fire that burns within me to see Scotland free from English rule.

  43. Every action I take is in service to the Jacobite cause, each one a step closer to our shared dream of independence.

  45. The vision of a free Scotland guides my every move, a beacon of hope that drives me forward.

  47. My dedication to the cause is absolute, willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to see our goals realized.

  49. The Jacobite cause is more than a political movement—it is a calling, a purpose that defines my very existence.

    Secrets and Deception

  51. Secrets are the lifeblood of power, each one a thread in the intricate web of influence I weave.

  53. Deception is a necessary tool, a means to protect my interests and maintain my position of power.

  55. Every lie I tell serves a greater purpose, each one a step towards securing my vision for the future.

  57. The truth is a luxury I cannot afford, for in my world, survival depends on the secrets I keep.

  59. Deception is an art form, one that I have perfected to ensure that my plans remain hidden and my power intact.

    Surviving Witch Trials

  61. Surviving accusations of witchcraft requires more than just wit—it demands the strength to turn fear into power.

  63. The witch trials were a test of my cunning and resolve, each accusation a challenge to be overcome.

  65. In the face of persecution, I used their fear against them, turning the trials into an opportunity to solidify my power.

  67. Surviving as a ‘witch’ in the 18th century is a testament to my resilience and the power of my will.

  69. The witch trials were not just about survival—they were a crucible that forged my strength and determination.

    Rituals and Mysticism

  71. Rituals are a gateway to power, each one a step into the mysteries that lie beyond the veil of the ordinary.

  73. Mysticism is a source of strength, a connection to forces greater than ourselves that I have learned to harness.

  75. Every ritual I perform is a blend of ancient wisdom and personal power, each one a testament to my mastery of the arcane.

  77. The practice of ancient rituals is both a passion and a necessity, a means to unlock the secrets of the universe.

  79. Mysticism is not just belief—it is a practice, a way of life that grants me power and insight beyond the mundane.

    The Complexity of Love and Ambition

  81. Love and ambition are two sides of the same coin, each driving me towards my goals with equal intensity.

  83. My relationships are complex, each one a blend of genuine affection and calculated ambition.

  85. Ambition often requires sacrifices, even of love, but it is a price I am willing to pay for power.

  87. The interplay of love and ambition shapes my actions, each decision a balance between heart and mind.

  89. In my world, love is a tool, a means to an end, but it is also a force that fuels my relentless drive for power.

    Legacy and Influence

  91. My legacy will be one of power and influence, a testament to the strength and cunning that defined my life.

  93. I wish to be remembered not just for my actions, but for the vision and determination that drove them.

  95. Every move I make is designed to leave a lasting impact, a legacy that will endure long after I am gone.

  97. Influence is the true measure of success, and my legacy will be one of profound impact and unyielding power.

  99. My contributions to the Jacobite cause and my mastery of the arcane will be the cornerstones of the legacy I leave behind.

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