50 Margaery Tyrell Quotes (Imaginary)

    The Art of Political Alliances

  1. In the gardens of politics, alliances are the blooms that promise fruit; tend them wisely, lest they wither in neglect.

  3. Aligning with another house isn’t just about shared interests; it’s foreseeing their needs before they do, making yourself indispensable.

  5. One must know not only whom to trust, but when to trust. Timing in an alliance can be as crucial as the bond itself.

  7. Power is fleeting, but alliances are the anchors that can hold it steady—choose those anchors wisely, for they shape your reign.

  9. An alliance, like a marriage, requires compromise, foresight, and occasionally, the swallowing of pride—for the greater good, of course.

    Floral Symbolism in Highgarden

  11. Each bloom in our gardens symbolizes a different facet of Tyrell power—roses for beauty, thorns for defense.

  13. Flowers speak a silent language known well by the Tyrells; through them, we send messages of alliance, warning, or courtship without ever drawing a blade.

  15. Like the rose, we Tyrells show the realm beauty and grace, but let none forget the thorns that protect our blossom.

  17. In Highgarden, diplomacy is as delicate as petal arrangement; every flower placed has a purpose and a message.

  19. Our roses do not just grow—they are cultivated with the same care and strategy as our family’s position in the realm.

    Women in Power: A Tyrell Perspective

  21. In a world where men often overlook the flowers for the thorns, Tyrell women prove that both are necessary for survival.

  23. We, women of Tyrell, navigate the currents of power with grace and resilience, much like the vines that support our blossoming flowers.

  25. Never underestimate the power of a woman from House Tyrell; like our sigil, we flourish in adversity.

  27. It is not enough to sit at the table. Women of my house ensure we are at the head of it, leading the conversation.

  29. In the game of thrones, men play with swords and shadows, but Tyrell women wield influence and insight, equally sharp.

    Charitable Works and the Commonfolk

  31. Charity is not just a kindness but a strategy. The love of the people is the root from which a stable reign grows.

  33. To feed a hungry child or clothe a cold man is to plant seeds of loyalty among the commonfolk—seeds that often bear the richest fruit.

  35. Our hand that feeds the poor is the same hand that sows our future security and prosperity.

  37. In the eyes of the commonfolk, a simple act of charity can be more powerful than the mightiest sword.

  39. By lifting others, we rise. This is the foundation of Tyrell charity—elevating the realm one soul at a time.

    Courtly Love and Romance

  41. Courtly love is an art form in itself; like a dance, every step, every gesture, every look must be perfectly choreographed for the audience.

  43. In the courts of Westeros, a whisper of romance can be as strategic as a declaration of war.

  45. Love in our realm isn’t always born of passion; often, it’s crafted from necessity and mutual ambition.

  47. A successful marriage in our echelons is seldom a matter of the heart. It’s an alliance, a merging of powerful houses.

  49. Remember, in our world, romance is another currency. Spend it wisely, and it may yield returns greater than gold.

    Festivals and Tournaments in the Reach

  51. Festivals and tournaments in the Reach are not just spectacles of joy and competition; they are arenas where futures are forged and alliances are woven.

  53. A joust is never just a joust; beneath each tilt lies a web of political intrigue and subtle negotiation.

  55. In the Reach, we celebrate with purpose; each festival is a tapestry of potential marriages, alliances, and displays of wealth and power.

  57. The merriment of a festival masks the meticulous moves of the mighty; every dance, every toast is part of a greater strategy.

  59. Our tournaments are the proving grounds for knights and the negotiating tables for lords; here, the fate of the realm is often decided.

    The Role of Religion in Royal Strategy

  61. Religion wields a power as strong as any throne, and in the hands of the Faith Militant, it can either defend a reign or challenge a crown.

  63. In aligning with the Faith of the Seven, we clothe our political maneuvers in piety, gaining the support of the devout and the common folk alike.

  65. The favor of the gods is an essential seal of legitimacy, as vital to a queen as the crown upon her head.

  67. Religious festivals and public prayers are not mere acts of faith, but displays of royal alignment with the spiritual heart of the realm.

  69. One must navigate the currents of faith with the precision of a septon; for the power it grants can uplift a reign or herald its downfall.

    Fashion as a Tool of Influence

  71. In court, a well-chosen gown speaks as loudly as a proclamation; through silk and jewels, I communicate strength, elegance, and intent.

  73. Fashion is the silent language of power; with each ensemble, I articulate my status and subtly assert my influence.

  75. The right dress at the right occasion can turn whispers of approval into waves of support.

  77. As a Tyrell, my wardrobe is my armor and my art; each piece curated to enhance my family’s standing and my personal appeal.

  79. Never underestimate the power of appearances; in the game of thrones, a well-dressed woman can be as formidable as the fiercest warrior.

    Diplomacy Through Marriage

  81. Each of my marriages has been a stepping stone, strategically placed to elevate House Tyrell within the intricate dance of Westerosi power.

  83. Marriage in our realm is rarely for love; it is an alliance, a merger of strengths and resources, as calculated as any battle plan.

  85. A queen must choose her consort not just with her heart, but with her head; for the right match can strengthen a dynasty, while the wrong one can doom it.

  87. In the gardens of high society, marriages are the blooms that can unite houses or sow the seeds of future conflict.

  89. Through my marriages, I have woven a network of alliances that stretches across the realm, ensuring that House Tyrell’s influence is as pervasive as it is potent.

    Legacy and Aspirations of House Tyrell

  91. As a Tyrell, I am rooted in a legacy of resilience and ambition; like the strongest oaks of Highgarden, we grow high and strong, no matter the storms we weather.

  93. My aspirations for House Tyrell extend beyond mere survival; I envision a realm where our influence blossoms as fully and beautifully as the roses of our gardens.

  95. To lead House Tyrell is to cultivate a garden of possibilities, pruning the weak and nurturing the strong.

  97. Our legacy is not merely one of power, but of cultivation; we plant the seeds of tomorrow, ensuring a verdant future for the generations that follow.

  99. In the ever-shifting landscape of Westerosi politics, my goal is not just to adapt but to thrive, ensuring the Tyrell name flourishes through whatever winters may come.

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