50 Monsieur Thénardier Quotes (Imaginary)

Joella Marano, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

    Scheming and Scamming

  1. In the game of life, I’m the ultimate player, weaving schemes and scams like a master puppeteer pulling the strings.

  3. Every scam is a masterpiece, crafted with precision and executed with finesse—Thénardier’s name is synonymous with cunning.

  5. Scheming is an art, and I’m the Michelangelo of deceit, painting masterpieces of manipulation that leave the world in awe.

  7. Behind every successful scheme lies a brilliant mind—mine, to be exact, orchestrating the chaos with effortless grace.

  9. To outwit Thénardier is to defy the laws of nature, for my schemes are as unstoppable as the tides and as cunning as a fox in the henhouse.

    Greed and Ambition

  11. Greed is my driving force, the fuel that propels me forward in a world where wealth is the ultimate currency.

  13. Ambition courses through my veins like fire, burning with a hunger for success that knows no bounds.

  15. To dream small is a sin in the eyes of Thénardier—I reach for the stars, driven by an insatiable appetite for riches and power.

  17. In the pursuit of wealth, there are no limits for Thénardier—my ambition knows no bounds, and my greed knows no mercy.

  19. To be content is to stagnate, and stagnation is death—Thénardier’s hunger for success is as endless as the ocean and as fierce as a lion’s roar.

    Relationship with Madame Thénardier

  21. Madame Thénardier is my partner in crime, my confidante in chaos—together, we are an unstoppable force of ambition and cunning.

  23. Our love is as fierce as a wildfire, burning bright with shared dreams and mutual schemes.

  25. Madame Thénardier is the yin to my yang, the Bonnie to my Clyde—we’re a match made in heaven, or perhaps in hell.

  27. Behind every great man is an even greater woman, and Madame Thénardier is the mastermind behind my most brilliant schemes.

  29. Our relationship is a whirlwind of passion and ambition, fueled by mutual goals and a shared thirst for success.

    Exploitation of the Poor

  31. The poor are but pawns in Thénardier’s game, tools to be used and discarded in pursuit of greater riches.

  33. To prey on the weak is to thrive in a world where the strong devour the meek—Thénardier’s ruthlessness knows no bounds.

  35. Compassion is a luxury reserved for the weak—Thénardier’s heart is as cold as ice when it comes to exploiting the poor.

  37. The poor are but stepping stones on Thénardier’s path to success, obstacles to be overcome with cunning and deceit.

  39. In a world where survival is a ruthless game, Thénardier plays to win, even if it means trampling over the downtrodden to reach the top.

    Survival in a Harsh World

  41. To survive in this dog-eat-dog world, one must be cunning and resourceful—qualities Thénardier possesses in abundance.

  43. In the jungle of life, only the fittest survive—and Thénardier is the apex predator, ruling with cunning and guile.

  45. Survival is not for the weak of heart, but for the cunning and resourceful—qualities that define Thénardier’s approach to life.

  47. In a world where only the strong survive, Thénardier thrives, his survival instincts as sharp as a blade and as deadly as a viper’s strike.

  49. To navigate this harsh world, one must be as cunning as a fox and as ruthless as a wolf—qualities that Thénardier possesses in spades.

    Class Resentment

  51. The upper class may have their fancy titles and silver spoons, but Thénardier knows that true wealth lies in cunning and ambition.

  53. Resentment fuels ambition, and Thénardier’s fire burns brighter with every aristocrat who looks down their nose at him.

  55. To the upper class, Thénardier is just a lowly innkeeper—but little do they know, he’s the puppet master pulling their strings.

  57. The upper class may have wealth, but Thénardier has something far more valuable—brains, cunning, and a hunger for revenge.

  59. The rich may think they’re safe behind their gilded gates, but Thénardier knows that even the mighty fall to the cunning and resourceful.

    Parenting and Self

  61. A father’s duty is to provide for his children—but for Thénardier, self-interest always comes first.

  63. To Thénardier, parenting is just another opportunity for self-gain—a chance to exploit the innocent for personal profit.

  65. In Thénardier’s world, children are nothing more than pawns in his game of self-interest and greed.

  67. Parenting is a burden for most, but for Thénardier, it’s just another opportunity to advance his own agenda.

  69. To be a parent is to sacrifice for your children—but for Thénardier, sacrifice is a concept reserved for the weak and foolish.

    Interactions with Jean Valjean

  71. Jean Valjean may think he’s clever, but Thénardier knows a mark when he sees one—a rich man ripe for the picking.

  73. To Jean Valjean, Thénardier may be just an innkeeper—but little does he know, Thénardier is the spider waiting to ensnare him in his web.

  75. Jean Valjean may have the law on his side, but Thénardier knows that in the game of survival, cunning trumps righteousness every time.

  77. Jean Valjean may have escaped justice once, but Thénardier knows that in the end, no one can outsmart the master schemer.

  79. To Jean Valjean, Thénardier may be a mere nuisance—but soon, he’ll learn that underestimating Thénardier is a grave mistake.

    Thénardier’s Role in the Revolution

  81. The revolution may have noble ideals, but for Thénardier, it’s just another opportunity for personal gain.

  83. To the revolutionaries, Thénardier may be a pawn—but soon, they’ll learn that he’s the master strategist pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

  85. The revolutionaries may think they’re fighting for freedom—but for Thénardier, it’s all about seizing power and securing his own future.

  87. To the revolutionaries, Thénardier may be a common criminal—but soon, they’ll learn that he’s the true mastermind behind their rebellion.

  89. The revolutionaries may think they’re fighting for justice—but for Thénardier, it’s just another opportunity to exploit the chaos for personal gain.

    Legacy of Deceit

  91. To the world, Thénardier may be remembered as a villain—but little do they know, his legacy is one of cunning and ambition that will echo through the ages.

  93. Thénardier’s legacy may be stained with deceit and treachery—but in a world ruled by the ruthless, he’s a shining example of survival of the fittest.

  95. History may remember Thénardier as a common criminal—but those who knew him best understand that his legacy is one of cunning and resourcefulness that few can match.

  97. Thénardier’s deceit may have been his downfall—but in the end, his legacy is one of cunning and ambition that will be remembered long after he’s gone.

  99. To some, Thénardier may be a footnote in history—but for those who crossed his path, his legacy of deceit and treachery is unforgettable.

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