Madame Thénardier

David Torcivia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

    Exploitation and Greed

  1. In a world where fortune favors the bold, I seize what I can, for greed is my ticket to survival.

  3. If there’s gold to be had, I’ll find it, for in my book, opportunity is worth more than morality.

  5. Exploiting others is simply good business, a strategy I’ve perfected in a world where only the cunning thrive.

  7. Greed isn’t a sin; it’s a survival skill, one that ensures I come out on top, no matter the cost.

  9. In a harsh world, I exploit what I can, for the game of life is about winning, not playing fair.

    Parenting and Neglect

  11. Cosette was just another mouth to feed, a burden in my household while my own daughters deserved better.

  13. Parenting isn’t about love; it’s about survival, and Cosette was simply not worth the effort.

  15. My own daughters get my love and attention, for they are my legacy, while Cosette was a mere inconvenience.

  17. Neglect? I call it prioritizing—Cosette wasn’t mine, so why should I have cared for her more than my own?

  19. In my world, survival comes first, and that means my own children get my love, while Cosette was left to fend for herself.

    Survival in a Harsh World

  21. Survival in this harsh world requires cunning and grit, and I have both in spades.

  23. Life’s tough, but I’ve learned to thrive by relying on my instincts and taking what I need.

  25. Survival isn’t about fairness; it’s about doing whatever it takes to stay afloat, and I’ve mastered that art.

  27. In a world where only the strong survive, I rely on my wits and instincts to get by.

  29. The world is unforgiving, but I’ve learned to adapt, using every trick in the book to make it through.

    Relationship with Monsieur Thénardier

  31. Together, Monsieur Thénardier and I are a force to be reckoned with, united in our shared ambition and schemes.

  33. Our marriage is built on a foundation of shared goals, for our ambitions align in the pursuit of survival and profit.

  35. Monsieur Thénardier and I understand each other—our relationship thrives on shared cunning and a mutual desire for success.

  37. In our relationship, we scheme and dream together, united in our pursuit of a better life through whatever means necessary.

  39. Our dynamic is one of ambition and shared schemes, a relationship built on mutual understanding and a drive for survival.

    Moral Ambiguity

  41. Morality is a luxury for those who can afford it; for me, survival comes first, even if it means walking a fine line.

  43. Right and wrong are mere concepts in a world where survival demands flexibility and cunning.

  45. I navigate between good and evil as it suits me, for morality is a tool, not a rule to live by.

  47. In the game of survival, there are no clear lines between right and wrong, only choices that serve my interests.

  49. Moral ambiguity is my playground, a space where I bend the rules to fit my needs and ensure my survival.

    Interactions with Cosette

  51. Cosette was a burden, an extra mouth to feed—my actions were just practical, nothing personal.

  53. I treated Cosette as a servant because that’s what she was—she was never meant to be part of my family.

  55. Cosette’s tears never moved me; I was focused on survival, and she was just a distraction.

  57. In Cosette, I saw an opportunity to exploit, not a child to nurture—my actions were all about survival.

  59. Cosette’s plight was none of my concern—I had my own children to care for, and she was merely an obstacle.

    Deception and Manipulation

  61. Deception is an art, and I’ve perfected it—manipulating others is how I achieve my goals.

  63. In a world where honesty gets you nowhere, I’ve learned to thrive through deception and cunning.

  65. Manipulation is my tool of choice, a means to an end that helps me navigate this harsh world.

  67. I use deception as a weapon, a strategy that allows me to control situations and get what I want.

  69. In the game of life, manipulation is key—I’ve mastered the art of bending people to my will.

    Class Resentment

  71. The upper class looks down on people like me, but I turn that resentment into motivation to scheme and survive.

  73. I resent the rich for their easy lives, and my actions reflect my desire to level the playing field.

  75. Class resentment fuels my schemes—why should they have it easy while I struggle to survive?

  77. The upper class sees us as lesser, but I use that resentment to fuel my cunning and ensure my own survival.

  79. My resentment toward the rich drives my actions—it’s my way of challenging a world that favors them over us.

    Survival Through Scheming

  81. In a world that doesn’t favor the poor, scheming is my lifeline, a skill that keeps me afloat.

  83. I survive through cunning and schemes, using every trick in the book to navigate a harsh and unforgiving world.

  85. Survival requires creativity, and my schemes are the tools that help me make it through each day.

  87. In the art of scheming, I’ve found my strength—it’s how I stay one step ahead in a world that seeks to crush me.

  89. My schemes are my survival instinct, a necessary skill in a world that offers no mercy to the weak.

    Madame Thénardier’s Legacy

  91. My legacy is one of survival and cunning, a testament to my ability to navigate a harsh world.

  93. I may not be loved, but my legacy will be one of strength and resilience, a reflection of my unbreakable spirit.

  95. People may not remember me kindly, but they’ll remember my resourcefulness and ability to survive against the odds.

  97. My actions might not be admired, but they ensured my survival, leaving a legacy of cunning and resilience.

  99. I leave behind a legacy of practicality and survival, a testament to my ability to thrive in a world that offered little mercy.

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