50 Olenna Tyrell Quotes (Imaginary)

    Mastering the Game of Thrones

  1. In the game of thrones, you learn quickly that the only pieces that truly matter are the ones that can still make a move.

  3. Every lord and lady in this realm thinks they’re a lion or a wolf. I prefer to be the gardener; pruning, planting, watching everything grow.

  5. To master the game, one must stand back and see the whole board. It’s not just about the next move, but the final victory.

  7. Survival isn’t about who’s strongest or bravest; it’s about who can adapt. In King’s Landing, that means knowing when to smile, when to scheme, and when to stab.

  9. Remember, in this great game, silence can be as deadly as the sword. The walls have ears, and secrets are the currency of power.

    The Power of Matriarchy

  11. They say it’s a man’s world, but who do you think is pulling the strings? Behind every great lord is a greater lady, whispering in his ear.

  13. In Highgarden, we grow strong because our roots are nurtured by the hands of women, skilled in both the arts of war and wisdom.

  15. The future of House Tyrell will not be forged by the swords of men, but by the resolve of women.

  17. Do not underestimate the power of a woman in a world ruled by men; we see the unseen and strike where least expected.

  19. A matriarch does not rule by brute strength but by weaving influence, as delicate and as strong as spider silk.

    Secrets of a Queenmaker

  21. Creating a queen is much like gardening. It takes patience, foresight, and a bit of manipulation of the natural course of things.

  23. Margaery’s path to the throne was lined with roses and thorns. I made sure she wore gloves.

  25. The key to queenmaking is not only positioning one in the light but also casting shadows where needed.

  27. Every alliance, every smile, every whispered secret, they’re all seeds planted for a future harvest—a crown.

  29. A queenmaker knows that the crown is won not in battle but in the subtleties of court—through dances, marriages, and whispered alliances.

    Herbal Lore and Poisons

  31. Herbs and poisons are two sides of the same leaf. Knowing both can be the difference between a long reign and an abrupt fall.

  33. In my gardens, I cultivate more than just beauty. Each plant serves a purpose, for health or for harm.

  35. A wise woman knows her herbs, a wiser one knows her poisons, and the wisest knows when to use each.

  37. Understanding poisons teaches caution, and in politics, caution is a virtue not easily overestimated.

  39. To control poison is to control life itself. In the right hands, it’s a protector; in the wrong, a destroyer.

    Dynastic Marriages

  41. Marriages are not made in the sept, but in the council room; they’re alliances carved on the bedrock of power.

  43. In our world, a good marriage can be more valuable than a good army.

  45. Every bride and groom in our circles is a knight and a rook; move them wisely, and you control the board.

  47. A dynastic marriage is like a treaty; both sides must see benefit, or else the swords are merely sheathed, not discarded.

  49. Remember, the most potent alliances are sealed not with a kiss, but with shared interests and mutual respect.

    Wisdom from the Rose of Highgarden

  51. Wisdom isn’t just about knowing what to do, but knowing when to do nothing at all.

  53. A sharp tongue can be a woman’s finest weapon; it cuts deep and leaves no visible scar.

  55. In Highgarden, we cultivate our manners as carefully as our roses, for in the court, they can be just as thorny.

  57. Always listen more than you speak; the walls of Highgarden have taught me more secrets than any spy could.

  59. Remember, dear, every rose has its thorns, but it’s the beauty that captures attention.

    Dealing with Dragons

  61. Dragons? They are but larger lizards to those who know how to handle fire.

  63. If a dragon comes to Highgarden, it will find that even the fiercest fire can be tamed by the right amount of wine and wit.

  65. Preparing for dragons is like preparing for war; you hope for peace but stockpile enough to ensure survival.

  67. A dragon may breathe fire, but never forget, it is the gold it sleeps on that holds real power.

  69. To face a dragon, one must be a dragon in spirit; unyielding and majestic in the face of the flames.

    Legacy Building

  71. A legacy is like a vineyard; it must be tended, pruned, and sometimes, old roots must be ripped out for new growth to flourish.

  73. I intend to leave a garden that blooms long after I’m gone, with roots deep enough to withstand the storms of fortune.

  75. The key to a lasting legacy is not in the gold you accumulate but in the stories told by those who follow.

  77. House Tyrell will not merely endure; it will thrive, for we plant seeds that grow into forests, not just trees.

  79. A wise ruler plants the tree whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

    The Art of Diplomacy

  81. Diplomacy is the velvet glove that conceals the iron fist; use both judiciously.

  83. In diplomacy, remember that sometimes the most significant statements are those left unsaid.

  85. A true diplomat does not just talk; they listen, and in listening, they learn the art of the possible.

  87. The best treaties aren’t signed with ink but with understanding and respect, and occasionally, the right amount of gold.

  89. Never enter a negotiation without knowing your opponent’s desires better than they do themselves.

    Reflections on Loss and Resilience

  91. Loss is the shadow cast by love; to live without loss is to live in darkness.

  93. Resilience is not the absence of sorrow but the capacity to flourish in spite of it.

  95. Even the strongest walls of Highgarden tremble in the storm, but it is in rebuilding that we grow stronger.

  97. In the face of loss, remember, a Tyrell rose always turns towards the sun, no matter how harsh the winter.

  99. Grief is the price we pay for love, and I have paid dearly, but never have I regretted the purchase.

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