50 Pablo Escobar Quotes (Imaginary)

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    Building the Medellín Cartel

  1. We started with nothing but dreams and emerged as kings of an empire the world had never seen.

  3. Every empire has a foundation, ours was built on loyalty and the hunger to rise above the slums.

  5. In the business of powder, volume is king. We didn’t just play the game; we owned the board.

  7. From the streets of Medellín to the corridors of power, every step was a calculated move towards domination.

  9. Building the cartel wasn’t just about money; it was about creating a legacy that would outlive us all.

    Political Aspirations

  11. I stepped into politics to change the country that the rich wouldn’t dare to dream of changing.

  13. They feared me in the Senate as much as in the streets, because I played for the people, not the power.

  15. My political vision was simple: power to the people, terror to the tyrants.

  17. I wasn’t just a man of the people; I was their sword against the oligarchs.

  19. In politics, they said I was a criminal masking as a savior; I say I was the only honest man in a mask of lies.

    La Catedral – My Personal Prison

  21. La Catedral wasn’t a prison; it was a throne room from where I ruled without chains.

  23. They thought enclosing me would clip my wings, but I built an empire within those walls.

  25. A king builds his castle as he pleases; La Catedral was proof of my reign over law itself.

  27. Inside La Catedral, I was not a prisoner of the state, but the state was a prisoner of my will.

  29. Even from the confines of my ‘prison’, I controlled more than most men free on the streets.

    Robin Hood Figure

  31. I gave back to the poor not because it was charity, but because it was justice.

  33. To the rich, I was a monster; to the poor, a hero who remembered his roots.

  35. Every brick I laid in those barrios was a debt paid to my beginnings.

  37. They loved me not because I gave them what they wanted, but because I gave them what they deserved.

  39. In the hearts of the poor, my legacy would endure beyond the reach of bullets and laws.

    The Art of Evading Law Enforcement

  41. The chase only made the game more thrilling; every escape was a victory over the impossible.

  43. To evade the law, you must think like the law, but with the soul of an outlaw.

  45. For every trap they set, I had a dozen exits—each escape was a lesson they failed to learn.

  47. They hunted me like a fox, but I knew the jungle better than the hounds.

  49. Survival wasn’t luck; it was a skill, honed by a life chased by shadows.

    The Philosophy Behind Plata o Plomo

  51. Plata o Plomo? A simple choice for them, a necessary evil for us. You either take the silver or you take the lead.

  53. In our world, it’s not about right or wrong; it’s about power. And Plata o Plomo? That’s power.

  55. You offer them the silver, and if they refuse, the lead persuades where money cannot. It’s just business.

  57. This wasn’t cruelty; it was survival. In the jungle of the drug trade, it’s eat or be eaten.

  59. Plata o Plomo is not a threat, but a reality of life in our business. Choose wisely, and you live.

    Innovations in Drug Trafficking

  61. We turned the skies and the seas into our highways. Airplanes, submarines—innovation driven by necessity.

  63. To stay ahead, you must innovate; hence, we took our trade beneath the waves and above the clouds.

  65. The sky was never the limit for us; it was just another route to deliver dreams in powdered form.

  67. Every kilo flown or submerged was a testament to our ingenuity. We didn’t just push boundaries; we erased them.

  69. Innovation is survival. The deeper you go, the higher you fly, the harder you are to catch.

    Relationships Within My Cartel

  71. Trust is the most expensive commodity in the cartel, and betrayal? It’s just part of the game.

  73. My allies were my strength, my betrayers, my stepping stones; each taught me the cost of power.

  75. In the cartel, you learn quickly that every handshake has a price and every smile hides a dagger.

  77. Loyalty in our business is as fluid as the product we move; it changes, evaporates, and sometimes poisons.

  79. I built my empire on loyalty, maintained it through fear, and watched it strain under the weight of betrayal.

    Impact of U.S. Foreign Policy on My Operations

  81. The U.S. waged war against drugs, but all they did was raise the stakes and the profits.

  83. American policy didn’t stop us; it made us smarter, more ruthless, and ironically, more essential.

  85. Every law, every restriction they placed, was just a puzzle to be solved—a challenge we met with open arms.

  87. They thought they could control the game by changing the rules, but we owned the board.

  89. The American war on drugs was a war on their own people, and for us, it was just business as usual.

    My Family and Their Role in My Life and Business

  91. My family was my fortress—the heart of all my decisions. For them, I was both a protector and a provider.

  93. I built an empire, but my greatest legacy will always be my children, my blood.

  95. In the shadows of my business, my family stood as my beacon, my true north.

  97. Every risk, every decision, was for them—to secure a future no one could give us but me.

  99. They say I was a monster, but to my family, I was just a man trying to survive in a cruel world.

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