50 Stannis Baratheon Quotes (Imaginary)

    Stannis’s Unyielding Sense of Justice

  1. Justice is not a cloak to be donned or doffed as the winds change; it is the iron suit of armor I wear always.

  3. I am the rightful king, and my rule is law; where there is deviation, there will be correction.

  5. A king who bends his justice bends his throne to breaking.

  7. In my reign, justice does not sleep, and the scales do not tip.

  9. The realm will know order, for my justice is as unyielding as the winter.

    The Battle of Blackwater Bay

  11. Blackwater was not merely a battle; it was a test of our resolve, a forge for our steel.

  13. We struck with the fury of the storm, yet the wildfire burned hotter than our might.

  15. Defeat at Blackwater is a scar upon my soul, but not the end of my claim.

  17. Every ship ablaze, every man lost, is a weight upon my conscience, but not my resolve.

  19. The flames of Blackwater illuminated the true enemies of the realm.

    The Influence of Melisandre

  21. Melisandre sees through the flame, and in that light, we steer the course of a kingdom.

  23. The Red Priestess has shown me paths woven in shadow, lit only by the fire of her god.

  25. Her counsel is steeped in a power that, while foreign, burns with truth.

  27. In the flames of her god, I have found the strength to carry my rightful burden.

  29. She speaks of a destiny grander than the throne—a war of light and shadow.

    Stannis’s Relationship with His Brother, Robert

  31. Robert was the hammer and I the anvil; together we forged a realm, though the steel cooled differently in each of us.

  33. I served Robert, my king and brother, not out of love, but duty—sterner stuff than fondness.

  35. The crown sat uneasy on Robert’s head; he sought the hunt, while I upheld the laws he set aside.

  37. My brother made kingship a feast; I vow to make it a fortress.

  39. While Robert loved me little, as his brother, I bore the weight of his neglect with the dignity of a Baratheon.

    The Iron Bank’s Gambit

  41. Gold from the Iron Bank is not a gift, but a tool—one that carves paths through mountains and men alike.

  43. The Iron Bank will have its due, and so shall I, upon the throne that is my right.

  45. Aligning with the Iron Bank is forging a sword with two edges; both must be wielded with care.

  47. They say the Iron Bank is unforgiving; let them learn the same of Stannis Baratheon.

  49. Braavos understands value and debt; with their support, I will pay the realm’s due in justice and order.

    The Siege of Storm’s End: A Defining Moment

  51. At Storm’s End, our walls stood not just of stone, but of the iron will of its defenders.

  53. Hunger gnawed at us, but we were made of sterner stuff than our besiegers knew.

  55. That siege forged me, not just as a commander, but as a true Baratheon, unyielding and bold.

  57. As the deer is the sigil of our house, so we endured the siege with the steadfastness of the stag.

  59. We ate horses, cats, dogs; our hunger for survival was greater than that for any food.

    Stannis as a Military Commander

  61. A battle is won before it is fought, in the maps drawn in the tent under the dimmest of lights.

  63. In war, I trust preparation over hope, strategy over numbers.

  65. A commander must be like the tide: foreseeing and relentless, sparing no shore from its reach.

  67. Give me a man who holds a sword with purpose over a hundred who wield it with pride.

  69. Discipline is the lifeblood of an army; it is what keeps men fighting when fear tells them to flee.

    The Question of Legitimacy

  71. My claim to the throne is not just by blood but by the necessity of justice the realm demands.

  73. I do not seek the throne for desire of power but for the obligation of righteousness.

  75. The crown may be sought by many, but it fits only the head prepared to wear its weight.

  77. Legitimacy is not given by birth alone but by the clarity and decisiveness of one’s rule.

  79. If the law is the realm’s foundation, then my claim is built on the bedrock of our most sacred codes.

    Stannis’s Vision of a United Realm

  81. Under my rule, justice will not be a thread in the tapestry of the realm but the loom on which it is woven.

  83. I envision a kingdom not divided by petty loyalties but united under the banner of order and law.

  85. The realm will know peace, for the just king is like a balanced scale, unswayed by gold or favor.

  87. Unity under my reign will be forged not through fear but through respect for the rule of law.

  89. As the land is fertile under a just sun, so shall the realm prosper under the light of fair rule.

    The Tragic Hero: Stannis’s Downfall

  91. My demise was not marked by the loss of battles but by the betrayal of ideals I held too rigidly.

  93. In seeking the crown, I never foresaw the crown seeking the very soul of me.

  95. The road to downfall is paved with good intentions hardened by uncompromising belief.

  97. They say I am a tragic hero; I say I am a man who dared too greatly in a world too small.

  99. My legacy, if it must be written, should speak of a man who stood too long in the shadows of his convictions.

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