50 Tommen Baratheon Quotes (Imaginary)

    The Burden of the Crown

  1. The crown is not just made of gold, but of iron and ice—it weighs heavily upon a young brow.

  3. Every decision a king makes can stir ripples through the realm; the burden is in knowing each ripple could be a wave.

  5. To wear the crown is to bear the realm’s hopes and fears, a load no child should know, yet one I must carry.

  7. As a king, my every word is a command, and my silence, a judgment—such is the burden of royal duty.

  9. The crown does not bend to fit the head that wears it; instead, the head must grow to bear the crown.

    Influence of the Queen Mothers

  11. My mother taught me the weight of the crown, while Margaery taught me the lightness of its touch.

  13. From Cersei, I learned the fortress of will required of a king; from Margaery, the grace.

  15. Both my queen mothers shaped me—one with the fire of lions, the other with the gentleness of roses.

  17. In the heart of the queen, the kingdom finds its direction; I have been guided by two, each pulling in their own way.

  19. Cersei’s lessons were etched in steel, Margaery’s in silk—each fabric equally binding and defining of my reign.

    The Role of Faith in Kingship

  21. A king must balance the scales of justice and mercy—faith is the fulcrum upon which these scales rest.

  23. My rule has been as much about serving the gods as governing the people, for in Westeros, the two are deeply intertwined.

  25. In the eyes of the Faith, a king is but a servant; through this humility, I seek to lead.

  27. The High Sparrow showed me that the crown’s authority could be questioned, a lesson both humbling and enlightening.

  29. Faith should be a bastion for a king, but when it becomes a battleground, the crown itself is at risk.

    Lessons from the Small Council

  31. From the Small Council, I have learned that wisdom often comes quietly, and folly loudly.

  33. The councilors are as much a part of my rule as the scepter I hold; their words steer the ship of state.

  35. A king hears many voices, but he must learn which to amplify and which to silence—this is the art the Small Council teaches.

  37. Each advisor offers a piece of the realm’s puzzle; my task is to see how they fit together.

  39. The Small Council is my classroom, and each session is a lesson in the delicate dance of power.

    Growing Up in the Shadow of Power

  41. Raised in the shadow of great men, I was taught to cast my own light or be consumed by theirs.

  43. King Robert’s roar still echoes in the halls; Tywin Lannister’s whisper still guides my hand.

  45. In the company of giants like Robert and Tywin, a boy must learn to grow tall quickly or remain forever in their shade.

  47. The legacy of Tywin and Robert is a cloak heavy with expectation; each day, I strive to wear it well.

  49. Their shadows loom over my reign, dark and deep, yet within them, I have found spaces to shine.

    The Challenges of Royal Decisions

  51. Each decision I make sends ripples through the realm—what is minor to the crown can be monumental to a commoner.

  53. Balancing the scales of justice within these walls is a task fraught with peril, for every correct decision offends another lord.

  55. Dealing with rebellion is like holding sand; the tighter you grip, the more slips through your fingers.

  57. As king, my choices are never truly my own—each one is a thread in the tapestry of Westeros, colored by the expectations of others.

  59. The crown’s weight is measured not in gold but in decisions, each heavy with consequences both seen and unseen.

    Youth and Governance

  61. Youth is both my shield and my weakness; it wins me sympathy, yet costs me respect.

  63. They say a young king is a puppet; I strive every day to prove I am the hand that pulls my own strings.

  65. My youth brings fresh eyes to old problems, but old lords often see fresh eyes as naive.

  67. To rule so young is to learn swiftly the harsh tongues of politics and the soft speech of diplomacy.

  69. As a young king, I must dance between the advice of elders and the impulses of youth—both are dangerous if not balanced.

    King’s Peace vs. Realm’s War

  71. I dream of peace, a realm united under a calm reign, but the Iron Throne was forged in fire and demands flames to keep it.

  73. While I seek peace, war often seeks me, and as king, I must face it, though it clashes with the desires of my heart.

  75. Peace is my prayer, but war is my reality—balancing these is the eternal struggle of my reign.

  77. To desire peace is the role of the king; to maintain it amidst the clamor of war is the king’s challenge.

  79. Every war fought tears the realm, yet from this torn soil, I must grow the seeds of peace.

    The Symbolism of Ser Pounce

  81. In Ser Pounce, I find the freedom I lack; he roams the Red Keep with ease, where I am often caged by crown and duty.

  83. Ser Pounce is more than a pet; he is a prince of the castle, finding comfort in corners I’ve yet to explore fully myself.

  85. While my decisions may shape the realm, only with Ser Pounce do I feel the simple joy of companionship without the crown.

  87. To the realm, I am king; to Ser Pounce, merely Tommen—a comfort when titles weigh heavily on young shoulders.

  89. In the purrs of Ser Pounce, I find a rare peace, a whisper of a simpler life within these grand walls.

    Dreams of a Different Life

  91. Sometimes I dream of a life not shaped by lineage, where my days are ruled by the sun and not the scepter.

  93. Had I not been born a Baratheon, would I have known the plow’s handle better than the sword’s hilt? I wonder often.

  95. In another life, might I have roamed the hills of the Westerlands or fished the waters of Blackwater Bay, unknown and free?

  97. If the gods had spun my fate differently, perhaps I would laugh louder, run faster, live truer.

  99. Away from the Iron Throne, could I have lived simply, loved purely, and aged gracefully? Such dreams are sweet, yet fleeting.

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