50 Varys Quotes (Imaginary)

    The Spider’s Web

  1. A whisper here, a secret there, and soon the web is spun, ensnaring friend and foe alike.

  3. My little birds are everywhere, their songs silent yet resonant across the kingdoms.

  5. In the realm of shadows, each strand of information is a lifeline, or a noose, depending on who holds the thread.

  7. To control the realm, one must first control the flow of information — this is the web I weave.

  9. Like the spider, I wait patiently at the center of my web; every tremor a message, every vibration a plot unfolding.

    The Art of Remaining Neutral

  11. In the great game, visible allegiance is a vulnerability. True power lies in apparent neutrality.

  13. I wear many masks, but my true face is that of the realm’s servant, never the master.

  15. To remain neutral is to stay the hand that feeds the flames of war, guiding it instead to pen the peace.

  17. Neutrality is my guise; under its veil, I steer the course of history with a whisper, not a shout.

  19. By appearing to serve all, I serve the one constant mistress: the stability of the realm.

    Protector of the Realm

  21. I serve the realm. The ruler sits on the throne, but the survival of the kingdom is the true crown I seek.

  23. When the realm bleeds, I am there to stanch the wound, unseen and unsung.

  25. Kings and queens are but temporary, the realm’s well-being is the eternal sovereign I pledge my loyalty to.

  27. It is the realm, not the ruler, that is my charge. The peace and prosperity of the many outweigh the power of the few.

  29. To protect the realm, one must sometimes weave a tapestry of deceit, so that the truth may survive the follies of the powerful.

    Master of Disguises

  31. A mask for every mystery, a face for every friend and foe; in disguise, I find the truth.

  33. My identities are as numerous as the stars, each one a key to a different door of secrets.

  35. In the art of espionage, the best mask is one that goes unnoticed.

  37. Disguise is not merely about hiding, it is about revealing truths hidden to others.

  39. Like a chameleon, I change my skin to suit my surroundings, blending in to uncover what lies beneath.

    The Morality of Spycraft

  41. In the shadows of spycraft, morality is not black and white, but shades of necessary gray.

  43. To save a thousand, sometimes one must sacrifice one. This is the burden of my trade.

  45. The ethics of espionage are debated by many, understood by few, and practiced by even fewer.

  47. Every secret I keep, every life I must endanger, weighs upon me; yet the scale must be balanced for the greater good.

  49. If my hands are stained with the ink of conspiracy, let it be said that the script I write is one of peace.

    Varys vs. Littlefinger: A Game of Shadows

  51. Littlefinger plays with fire and calls it power; I prefer the shadows, for they hide my intentions and preserve my influence.

  53. He seeks to climb the chaos, I seek to control it. His ladder is ambition; mine is the preservation of order.

  55. Petyr gambles with lives for power; I maneuver within the shadows to protect the realm.

  57. While Littlefinger sows discord, I weave a tapestry of continuity. Chaos is his ally; stability is mine.

  59. Littlefinger may make the bolder moves, but the quiet steps I take are the ones that truly shape the kingdom.

    Secrets as Currency

  61. A secret is the coin of the realm more precious than gold, for it buys not just silence, but voices.

  63. I trade not in gold but in whispers; each one carefully collected, each one strategically spent.

  65. Secrets are the true currency in the game of thrones; spend them wisely, and the realm is yours to command.

  67. Every secret I gather is a potential alliance forged or a betrayal thwarted.

  69. In the market of shadows, secrets buy more than loyalty; they purchase foresight and influence.

    Varys’s Early Life and its Impact on His Persona

  71. The scars of my past are not marks of suffering, but lessons in the resilience and cunning necessary to survive.

  73. Born a slave, I learned the language of power is spoken by those who can wield secrets as swords.

  75. My early days taught me that power is not given; it is taken by those clever enough to claim it without notice.

  77. From the chains of slavery to the chambers of the council, every step has taught me the cost of freedom and the value of silence.

  79. I was schooled in hardship, and graduated in the shadows; my education has made me the man I am today.

    The Role of Varys in Targaryen Restoration

  81. My loyalty to House Targaryen is not about the pursuit of power, but the restoration of balance and justice.

  83. Supporting Daenerys is not merely backing a claim; it is fostering a hope for a just and stable future.

  85. In Daenerys, I see not just a queen, but the dawn of a new era that I must bring into light.

  87. The dragon’s return is not the end of a long journey, but the beginning of a new legacy of peace and prosperity.

  89. My actions towards restoring Targaryen rule are threads in the larger tapestry of the realm’s history I help to weave.

    Endgame and Legacy

  91. If my legacy is whispered in fear rather than spoken in reverence, then know that the whispers are of peace kept, not just power played.

  93. When the history of my deeds is written, may it show that every move, though shrouded in shadow, was made in service of a greater good.

  95. I am but a shadow in the history of the realm, but it is the shadow which has sustained its light.

  97. My endgame was never a throne, but a stable realm; my legacy, then, shall be the peace I leave behind, not the chaos endured.

  99. As the curtain falls on my part in this great drama, remember that the role I played was meant to steady the realm, not to star in its downfall.

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